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The internet is filled is individual’s blogs and websites and even social media, with which anyone focused enough, can collect pointers and ideas for a thesis. But, writing content based on these points is tricky. Moreover, your Thesis can get rejected if you’ll submit plagiarized content. That’s why it’s better to seek help of professional writers who can help you to achieve the desired success.

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Complete Thesis Package

During the PhD course, one thing that keeps on repeating in every Research Scholar’s mind is

“Thesis Submission”. From deciding a topic to writing it, each & every step is difficult. It takes a lot of time & effort. While many students can easily do it, but, their busy schedule gets into the way. But, no matter how much busy schedule you have, you’ll have to submit Thesis on time.

So, when you want success without any stress, what you do? You search for Professional Thesis Writers. The internet is full with Thesis providers & choosing one from them is difficult.  Also, along with Thesis chapters, you would need Synopsis, Research paper, Publishing Service as well. Well, you won’t have to look for other organizations to help you with Publishing Service. We are one stop solution for all these requirements.

Our ‘Expert Content Writers’ are highly qualified & have specialization in their own field. Their precise guidance will clear your queries regarding every step of Thesis preparation. They can even suggest how to make your Research Paper even much better & a flawless document. From topic selection to publishing your Research Paper, we’ll help you at every stage. Tell us your “Subject & Area of Interest” & you are done.

Once you buy our Thesis services, be assured about it completely.”. Knowledge Bank is the right destination to get a Thesis that would exactly gauge your academic knowledge. From selecting Topic to writing Thesis Chapters & Research Paper to publishing it in UGC Approved Journals. Thus, from initial stage to last, we are there to take care of your PhD research. Buy complete package or single service from any of these, that’s totally your choice.

Research Paper Writing + Publishing

As per UGC guidelines, publishing 2 Research Paper is highly important for researchers & teachers as well. We understand that writing Research Paper & then getting it selected in good Journal is cumbersome task.  Well, we can help you with both. Tell us your subject & topic & your wok is done. If you are confused with topic, we can suggest it too. Just let us know your ‘Area of Interest’.

Our team includes professional writers who have been providing research paper writing, dissertation writing and thesis writing services in India from a very long time. With their experience & immense knowledge, they help young researchers through the complete process of research writing.

Once your content is ready & you’ll approve it, we’ll send it for Publication. After the publication, we’ll provide you an E-certificate through Email. If you want Publishing service only, then also we can help you. You would just have to select a journal from our journal’s list & send us your paper. We’ll send it for review process. If there is no plagiarism or plagiarism as per journal’s guideline then it will get publish. If the plagiarism % is high then you would have to remove it & send it to us again. If you are busy then we can help you with Plagiarism removal as well

In case, you would like to publish your paper in journal of your choice, it’s okay for us. The credit for the work will completely belong to you, as the idea will be yours. We will just give the support that you, as an inexperienced author, need to get popular in the world of academics.

Plagiarism Checking & Removal

Suppose, you continuously work on your Thesis or Research Paper content & it gets rejected. And, the reason is “High Plagiarism”. Sounds horrible, right? Your whole hard work can go in vain because of high plagiarism. As per UGC’s latest guideline, content should have below 10% plagiarism. Since there is no exact possible way to make sure that no other person has done the same thing that you have been thinking to do in your thesis, student unknowingly falls into the trap of plagiarism.

To avoid such horrible incidents which can almost spoil your career, you must give a try to “Plagiarism Check & Removal Services”, as it will keep you away from such incidents. Get your content checked by Turnitin as it gives accurate results. Also, UGC has announced that to check plagiarism, Turnitin software is mandatory for all Universities & Institutions.

Don’t worry even if the amount of plagiarism is high in your content. Knowledge Bank can help you with Plagiarism Removal as well. Our team of professionals reviews the paper & removes plagiarized content by paraphrasing/rewriting them in their own words which doesn’t change the meaning of the sentence. We conduct multiple checks before delivering a plagiarism-free document. So that our clients wouldn’t face any issue. You can totally rely on our service.

Get Turnitin report & certificate along with your updated content. We’ll help you to remove every obstacle which is in between your success. Just tell us your requirement & live stress free.

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