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Privacy Policy is a website dedicated to serving its clients in the field of marketing its product offerings electronically. Therefore, transfer of information is an integral part of the process. The shared information of our clients is handled carefully and clients are assured of the fact that data provided to us would not be divulged to third parties. The information will be used securely and sensibly. Any dissemination of information about our clients is only done after seeking written permission about the same. However, reserves the right to use the information to compile data so that the same may be used for analyzing industry trends and put to statistical tests and even handover the results to future or existing clients without divulging individual records or information that may result in helping other clients identify the source of the data of an individual firm. All clients hereby agree to consent on giving us the right to handover the information shared with us to our subsidiaries for better serving our clients. The purposes, however, are strictly related to the various functions we agree to perform and are within the purview of the service deliverable offered by us to that particular client. However, no confidential information or data that may bring potential threat to our clients would be shared without having granted written consent from the client concerned